MC Atzilut (mcatzilut) wrote,
MC Atzilut

Ten Greatest Jewish Albums Ever (Aka: Really??)

This project will hopefully span some time, but the current timeline is: I post these ten, which I'd argue are the ten greatest Jewish albums of all time. You argue with me. I try to defend my choices. Eventually, I clean it up, and post the final selection (which may or may not be entirely different), with a defense of each choice. In this list, I've taken into account influence, significance, meaning, resonance, and whether I personally loved it. Feel free to argue with any choice, and whether it doesn't belong because it isn't great, or because it isn't Jewish.

Ten Best Jewish Albums Ever (In Progress, Not in Order)

Jewlia Eisenberg, Trilectic
Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited
Shlomo Carlebach, Shuva
Soulfarm, Live In Berlin 2 ( Alternatively: C Lanzbom, Butterfly )
John Zorn, The Masada Projects
The Klezmatics with Chava Alberstein, The Well ( Alternatively: Rise Up )
MBD, Jerusalem is Not For Sale ( Alternatively: Avraham Fried, Chazak)
Simon and Garfunkel, The Graduate Soundtrack ( Alternatively: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme )
Beck, Mellow Gold
Leonard Cohen, The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Also, I'm sure I'm missing obvious choices. Feel free to submit them.
Tags: jewish, music

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