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Sun, Mar. 18th, 2007, 04:43 am

I went with my heart and choose Villanova to go (almost) all the way. Truthfully, a moment of self-control took over and I picked Georgetown over Villanova. Though my heart ached - because I'm a 3rd generation Philadelphia (Ukranian Jewish immigrants tended to accumulate in Philadelphia as opposed to the Polish/German immigrants in New York) and my mother attended St. Josephine's for a brief few semesters. So picking another PA parochial school seemed like a way to pledge myself.

As it goes, despite picking 50% of the first round East games wrong, my Regionals are all ironically in good shape (perfect shape if Texas beats USC). My Midwest lost Notre Dame - which kills my final four, and so that's out. My South is ugly as hell, which is the flipside irony of my East games. Because my first round picks for the South were spot-on gorgeous. It's only now that the flaws begin to emerge.

Finally, sad-sad-West. I'm sure everyone's brackets took blows with Duke and Gonzaga losing (except those who are hardliners when it comes to hating teams. I once bet against the Eagles, because I was sure they'd lose to Minnesota - this is years ago. They ended up losing, but I couldn't forgive myself. So I understand the hardliner-hatred mindset. It's just hard for me to give myself up to it). But not only did I literally get 50% of the games wrong (including aforementioned Duke + Gonzaga) but my pick for the semi-finals was Villanova. Sad, pathetic, glorious, painful Villanova. Which means that half my top four didn't place anywhere near that (Notre Dame + Villanova) and my bracket is officially DOA.

Bloody hell.

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